Whole Woman Network (WWN) is a Training, Coaching and Consulting Social Enterprise focused on delivering experiential Leadership, Entrepreneurial and Financial Literacy Programs to vulnerable, under-served Canadian Women and at-risk Youth, with a special focus on BIIPOC demographic (Black, Immigrant, Indigenous, People of other under-represented groups). As a social enterprise, at the heart of operations is a cooperative model that is built on the principles of wholeness, mindfulness, solidarity economy, representation, equal rights, social justice, equity, dignity, contribution and inclusion. These tenets are reflected in our core values, vision, mission, and flow through our operations, program development, and hiring practices.

The vision of Whole Woman Network is to raise a new generation of women and youth leaders who are Transformational, Resilient, Entrepreneurial, Ethical and Empowered to adapt and excel in a fast evolving, multicultural world. Our mission is to build healthy, resilient, thriving communities, and create intergenerational values and wealth, by breaking the cycles of trauma, poverty, and poor financial literacy in racialized, equity-deserving demographics. Our flagship service, FLOW – Financial Literacy & Economic Opportunities for Women (and Youth), is an inclusive, interactive, experiential, evidence-based and pragmatic program that transforms clients, and equips them to empower and serve their communities.

We believe in the power of community and we invest in youth via scholarships and mentorship opportunities. We also provide a lot of opportunities for new immigrant youth who are undergraduates or new graduates to undergo their coop with our organization, or work as interns and volunteers, and gain valuable work experience and mentorship.

We use an Asset Based Community Development (ABCD) model, and participate in various community initiatives towards justice, safety, equity, and inclusion. We sponsor advocacies and programs such as menstrual health hygiene for girls, tree planting and clean up exercises and breakfast/lunch clubs in our host communities. These initiatives deepen community bonds of respect, tolerance, empathy, community service, and opportunities for sustainable development.

WWN provides a safe space and trust-based community for our women and youth to learn healthy money habits, business and life skills. We provide access to other trainings & subject matter experts through a network of partners. We also offer an annual membership-based option for clients, for on-going advisory services and coaching interventions. Within an average of eighteen months post-trainings, many clients have become home owners, have better credit scores, get better jobs, have a holistic understanding of their financial environment, and are inspired enough to start saving, investing, and paying it forward to their communities.

We also offer customized transformational workshops, retreats, and coaching services to individuals, faith-based groups, ethnic associations and educational/professional institutions with measurable outcomes, tailored to unique demographic needs. These are done both on a subsidized fee-basis, or pro-bono, when applicable.

Whole Woman Network – Organization Profile

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